$1,000 + Furio*932 days = $300k (LMS UPDATE)

I’m doing simple math that could change your life.

I’m talking about Furio, if you need to read more about it, check my latest articles.

I will give you a precious gift. Let me explain how to turn $1k into $325k in only 932 days.

UPDATE: the team made an update and implemented LMS, a system to stabilize the price, right now the price will be $4.5-$5.5, this changes the final amounts.

Like in my latest articles, we could start with an investment of $1,000.

If you invest more, you will cut the number of days to achieve the target money

With this $1,000 you get 200 $FUR, when you deposit in the Vault will turn in 180 $FUR because of the 10% tax.

At first, you will get 1.75% daily, after 28 days in a row of compounding, you will get 2.5% daily. The objective of this is to arrive at the max payout and start claiming to get the amazing numbers on the headline, you will need exactly 28+184 days to achieve 27,777 $FUR (the maximum), after that, you will claim daily at 0.5%. You can claim 100k $FUR, with this calculation, you are claiming ~ 972 $FUR/week. There are extra taxes called whale tax (see pic below).

Screenshot’s whitepaper

The first 10k FUR will be taxed at the normal 10% tax (it appears 0 on the pic because there is no extra tax). To achieve this 10k FUR you will need 10.28 weeks (72 days), at this time you will be taxed with an extra 5% tax, and another 72 days to go to 20k FUR and you will be taxed with an extra 5% every 10k $FUR, and so on until 100k FUR.

In summary, you will need 720 days to claim 100k $FUR once you reach the max payout. If you add the 212 days to reach the max payout, you will need 932 days to turn $1,000 into $300k.

You will need 932 days to turn $1,000 into $300k.

When will you start to count your 932 days?

How to get into Furio

If you like the article consider to use my referral link: https://app.furio.io?ref=0xde264A9819A596B33059923570aE91DD306827d9

  1. Go to https://app.furio.io/ and Swap USDC (BEP2O) for $FUR
Step 1 & 2

2. Make sure to add a referral ID and click the

«Deposit directly to the Vault» checkbox. Feel free

to use my Referral ID: 0xde264A9819A596B33059923570aE91DD306827d9

3.Return every day to compound or claim.

Step 3

4. Welcome to my team! If you want to join Furio or discuss the best strategy that fits you and your risk tolerance, don’t hesitate to reach out to me on Telegram and I would be happy to help you.




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